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Programme Strands

For Science Festival 2016 we explored science, technology, engineering and design’s ability to help improve our world and our lives through the concept of Building Better Worlds. Over two weeks we celebrated the ideas, innovations and creative visions colliding at the Festival and transforming the galleries, theatres and gardens of Edinburgh into launchpads to these better worlds.

The result was a broad and exciting programme of discussions, workshops, performances, screenings, special events and exhibitions where we explored everything from the personal to the political, the microscopic to the cosmic, and the natural to the synthetic.

Here's an overview of our 2016 programme strands and highlights.

Download the 2016 Festival brochure here

Being Human
Improving our lives through better health, well-being and understanding of the human condition

Our Built Environment
Exploring how science is impacting on our homes and cities, helping us to live well in an increasingly urbanised world

Science and Culture
Championing science’s role in culture through people, policies and politics

A Planetary Perspective
Planet Earth faces some big challenges and science has a role to play in combatting many of these and helping to ensure environmental sustainability

Beyond Planet Earth
Exploration of non-Earthbound challenges and opportunities

A mini festival of food and drink... And science!

The Reading Experiment
Uniting the worlds of science and words

Science in the Spotlight
Bringing together the wonder of theatre and the explosive world of science communication